The World In The Balance

Laitman_077Question: It says that a person “judges the whole world to the scale of merit.” How can one person affect the whole world?

Answer: One person can affect the whole world because he connects to the whole world and wants to judge the world favorably. In spirituality every individual is as important as the general, according to the law that the general and the individual are equal.

Question: If a person listens to your lessons regularly, he is full of love for everyone, and so it is clear that he judges the world favorably. On the other hand, another person may tip the scale against the world. What will happen to the world? Who will win?

Answer: The world is judged by the majority. This is the reason that we have to try to have as many people who want to reach the love of others as possible.

Question: What gives you the power and the patience to continuously teach people about connection, unity, and love? You are ever optimistic and you don’t feel despair by what happens in Israel and all over the world.

Where do you draw your optimism from? What makes you so sure that a person can tip the scale in the world’s favor? Doesn’t it worry you that everything around us may suddenly collapse?

Answer: It does worry me because I don’t want people to suffer and bring about pain and afflictions unto themselves and the whole world. But I do understand the situation they are in and I try to explain things to them over and over again.

It is like working with small kids: no matter how difficult it may be, you cannot just abandon them. This is the reason that I explain things patiently to them over and over again. It all stems from love, as it says: “Love will cover all sins.”
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 7/12/15

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