The Proper Education For A Person

laitman_538Question: What is this “proper education?”

Answer: The proper education is the integration of a person in the right environment that gives him a line of action and a direction toward the future state.

He always needs to see his next state in the environment. His next state pushes him forward, awakens, encourages, and pushes the desire to be like it. In an environment, it is easier for him to be changed.

Educators create an atmosphere for the little man in which all of his feelings—including shame, fear and so forth—push him to become like the environment, and so all the units from which the entire little childish society is composed are correctly gathered into a harmonious group, and this is their next state.

A harmonious group is a group in which the egoistic person is reshaped into a social person, and he begins to understand that he is found in absolute, mutual cooperation with the surrounding society, and only through mutual cooperation like this can he provide for everything that he needs in a good, correct, and convenient form.

The person puts pressure like this on his ego when he wants to succeed in something since each one of us has some kind of personal goal. It is possible to do this only in an appropriate environment with which he needs to be in good contact. This means that an egoistic goal attains something through altruistic actions.

Good contact is the right mutual cooperation with others. I am for them and they are for me, and that is how we help each other to attain something important for everyone.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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