One Step On The Way To Wholeness

laitman_749_03The Torah, “Numbers” 11:15: [Moses said to the Lord,] If this is the way You treat me, please kill me if I have found favor in Your eyes, so that I not see my misfortune.

Moses is a characteristic that pulls us forward toward the goal of creation. Either it is killed, or the people follow it, meaning the ego kills one of the two.

Question: Why does Moses get so much pain from the people?

Answer: It is because he sees that greatness, wholeness, and eternity are waiting for them, whereas the people cannot understand what is prepared for them and take at least one step toward this! In addition, if everyone had taken this step together, he would not have had so much pain. The pain would have disappeared immediately.

The beginning of connection and union is just a psychological problem. We immediately feel what this gives, but our first breakthrough forward must happen through an inner split with the ego. However, a person is not ready to be detached from it, so he suffers.

Question: Did detachment from the ego begin with the plagues in Egypt?

Answer: No, the plagues in Egypt were necessary for splitting the Red Sea, meaning the partial departure from the ego and the beginning of working with it, and after that begins the movement through the wilderness when every step takes us further and further from the ego, approaching others more and more! We work in a constant internal tension: thinking about others, feeling them instead of myself, working for their sake.

This is a wilderness for the ego because there is no nourishment here from receiving for my own sake. Rather, everything is directed toward bestowal only.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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