The Elections Continue

laitman_229After the results of the election reached the Knesset in Israel, the social networks presented two strong feelings that were held by the people: happiness and rejoicing from victory and hard disappointment from defeat.

A Divided People

In the recent elections 26 parties participated: How can such a small country have so many parties and opinions?

Even if this is good, it is good only if there is something that unites us into one people. But we see that this is not happening.

Those Who Fell Into Hatred

Within the nation there stands an essential problem: How is it possible to find the right base among us, a reliable common denominator? This will be possible only if we begin to balance the power of the ego that arouses disputes, separation and internal wars between us with the power of love. This is latent in our people and we lived according to its laws before the destruction of the Second Temple, which was destroyed because of unfounded hatred. So we fell from the level of love to hatred, and today, with the end of the exile, we must rise again from unfounded hatred to love between us. Only in this way will we create a situation in which nobody will want to go away from here and everyone will live in peace, in happiness, and in security.

That is how it has always been; only union is what saved us. From the start our people were founded on the union of people who were strangers to each other in ancient Babylon, under the authority and leadership of Abraham. That is how the people lived and existed, in conditions of union and love above hatred, according to the principle, “love covereth all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12).

Put an End to Division

Even today it is up to us to understand how to establish bridges between us and overcome mutual hatred with the help of love. Only in this way can we continue on the way. I very much hope that this message will be heard by both these and those, that the right part of the population will not yield to strong euphoria, and the left to strong disappointment. For the moment of truth has arrived, but we don’t see where we are.

The next step is a necessary step from our perspective; this is the union of the people above all these differences and contradictions, above the distances, the isolation, and mutual hatred. Struggles have already occurred in our history and we must not allow a situation like this now. This weakens us and threatens us with terrible consequences, which are not even desirable to think about.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that we can’t even be sure of another exile, for the former traditional ties no longer connect and bind us to each other as they did in the past. And so we must now find a means, a method, that will connect all the ends of the spectrum and consolidate us into a single people. It is necessary to rise above the views of the right and the left to a state of a single people. There fulfillment and wholeness is to be found, in it everyone will feel wholeness. It is incumbent upon us and it is possible. I very much hope that the people will begin to reflect and think about this.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there is no other way out, that the former approach has exhausted itself. It is not worthwhile to close accounts with the past, let’s direct our view towards the future. This is the method and this is the only situation in which all of us can exist from now on.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Situation in Israel After The Elections” 3/18/15

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