An Unchangeable Law Of Nature

Laitman_707The Creator is the higher general law of nature. It is described in the Torah how Moses would shout when he turned to the Creator, but there was nobody to whom to turn. As it is written, “A voice calls … in the wilderness” (Isaiah 40:3).

In general, we convey our images, impressions, and our mutual relationship with the Creator exactly the way we would convey our anger to a malfunctioning computer.

However, in fact, the higher power is an unchangeable law of nature, and so it is written, “He issued a decree, which will not change” (Psalms 148:6). So, there is no one to whom to turn except yourself!

There exists an immutable program within which we are found, and we must work within it. Otherwise, we strive and take pains until we reach an awareness of how to continue to go on.

Nothing will change for the better if we don’t work on ourselves to reach a good connection with others and, moreover, with everyone! Neither good relationships in the family nor even with all people will help us. Egoistic alliances will not help here; everything must be absolutely altruistic.

We need to work beyond of ourselves, outside of all egoistic calculations. That is how we hold onto everyone, only with altruistic connections.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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