About Elections And The Great Benefit Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Naturally there are many political parties and many opinions in every country, but the constant struggle between them over power harms society. How can people who have different opinions be united so that they can work together?

Answer: Unity is possible only among people who have a common goal, such as the wellbeing of society or the actual existence of the country, which is stronger than any disagreements and self-interests. If we are under an enemy attack and there is an external threat, we all unite, thus forgetting the hatred we felt towards one another previously. It is because the external threat extinguishes all our differences and we all fight against a common enemy.

But the moment the war is over and we have managed to defeat the enemy and remove the threat, our ego wakes up and once again we begin to fight with one another.

Question: How is it possible to unite in the absence of an external threat, in peacetime, despite the differences between us and the disputes over different opinions and interests.

Answer: This is possible if we see such a great advantage in unity that without it, our lives would be doomed to absolute failure just like when facing a ruthless enemy. In that case, we will be able to unite all the political parties into one.

We can either be saved from one of two things: either to be saved from a common disaster or looking forward to a great benefit that is perceived to be greater than our lives otherwise it would be impossible to unite. This means that people will fight for what is most crucial for them, and will see it as the greatest success in his life.

People should realize that without unity, everything will be ruined. However, this is currently possible only when there is an external threat in the time of war. If one of the major parties wins an election, like in America, for example, where there are Democrats and Republicans, the victory of one party means that the other party has lost, and they can only unite in order to defeat a common enemy.

But such unity can be sustained only on one condition. The moment it is clear that the enemy has been defeated, the struggle between them would immediately restart. In order for them to unite not under the fear of an external threat, they must be shown that there is a lot to gain, a bright future that promises unity and the end of a destructive struggle.

It is due to their overcoming their quarrel and coming to mutual agreement that they can reach a special level of life, pleasure, honor, power, profit, and the greatest gains.

A person must see a great advantage in unity. He will agree to it only if he worries about his existence in the face of an enemy or in expecting a huge gain through unity.

Therefore, people must be introduced to integral education so that they will see that by behaving in a certain manner, by suppressing the ego and uniting with others in order to work together, they will all receive an amazing infinite gain.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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