The Departure Of 2014

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are we leaving behind in 2014, and have we advanced during this past year towards building a more just society in Israel?

Answer: I think that good changes took place in Israel. People finally began to realize that we cannot expect positive changes from anyone but from ourselves.

If we begin to get closer to each other to better understand each other and unite, in this we will find the key to salvation, greater strength and greater justice.

After all, by uniting we can solve practically all problems, even up to the level of security problems. Everyone was talking about this for several months after the operation “Protective Edge.”

I feel that this year was something special. Even the people of Israel are beginning to say that unity is power.

And today, when the people of Israel are preparing for elections, I see that what prevails are not questions of security and finance, but questions of people’s unity. Although the politicians try to raise these questions in order to direct people at what is beneficial to them, instead the people ask, “What is happening to us, why are we today still in a fragmented state?”

Who Should We Elect?

Question: Which events of the past year could you define as the most joyful and the most terrible?

Answer: I judge a little differently than everyone else because I look at what is happening in terms of the system that manages this world. I think that it was a pretty good year. Peoples’ minds started to change radically. People began to understand that they cannot expect any favors from anywhere.

Question: Even from the politicians who are faced with new elections? How do you relate to them?

Answer: In no way. I know that it is not in their power to do something good for their people, and people rely on them because they do not understand that to be a politician means to be the greatest egoist. Indeed, our entire society is purely egoistical.

And those who reach such a height, by using others as stepping stones, are the greatest egoists. Therefore, we cannot expect anything from them. Maybe before the election, they will remember the people, but in principle, they think only about those who support them in order for them to remain in power longer. So, I do not see anything new in their flirting with the people before the election.

I see the results of the departing year not in terms of the politicians’ actions, but in how much we were able to explain to people what the wisdom of Kabbalah is, what it says, how it sees the future of humanity, and how through it, we can truly manage the world.

Indeed, politicians rule over nothing and no one. It was even said in the Torah that the hearts of the rulers of the world are in the hands of the Creator. Therefore, it is unreasonable to link our future with them.

But the people, to the extent of the connection between them, can really change their destiny. But it depends on their unity.

Anti-Semitism Forces Us to Listen

Question: During this year, how much did you manage to do for the unity of the people? What goals do you consider fulfilled and which are not?

Answer: This year we achieved good relations with Jewish organizations around the world. Since anti-Semitism put serious pressure on the Jews living abroad, many Jewish communities began to listen to us.

Previously, this had not happened. But due to increased anti-Semitism, they changed their attitude towards us because they saw how effectively we work with the masses.

In September of this year, we visited the American Jewish Congress. Prior to that, I appeared on several US television channels, had an interview with Larry King, the main subject of which was anti-Semitism. This is a very sore subject, especially for him.

It comes down to the role of Jews in the world: how they will be able to play a positive role in it and protect themselves from growing anti-Semitism.

Also this year, prestigious newspapers in England, France, Germany, Italy, the US, Canada, and other leading countries of the world published my article “Who Are You, People of Israel?”

This is also a breakthrough, after which it is much easier for us to speak to the press. Now, Time magazine is waiting for our next article and other publishing houses have offered space for our publications in their newspapers.

What Does the Well-being of the World Depend On?

Question: Why did the interest of the world’s key publications in your materials appear this year?

Answer: In principle, the world is in a state of deadlock and no one has a plan of action. We see that governments of all countries do not know what to do.

They are trying to find some reasonable path in the world and humanity’s existence. But neither philosophy nor science gives an answer. Everything humans are engaged in is in a strange state of crisis.

The crisis is a very interesting phenomenon. At first, it appeared to be more or less clear, but now it is not. The problem is that humanity has not risen above its egoism, and here a manifestation of the crisis occurs at different levels: in the collapse of the family, the falling birth rate, unemployment, and in the general decline in all spheres of human activity.

There are no happy countries. On the contrary, everything is disintegrating and gradually crumbling like a house of cards. The well-being of the world depends on how well we start to interact with each other and with nature. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us.
From KabTV’s “The New Year” 12/25/14

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