Fate Has Brought Us Together And It Is Irreversible

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The military operation, “Protective Edge,” and all the events related to it evoked a special feeling of connection in the Israeli nation. The Israeli nation unites every time we encounter an emergency, but this time the connection that was felt was extraordinary and especially strong and unprecedented.

It affected everyone, including small children and the elderly. There is a picture of a tank covered with children’s drawings that were sent to the soldiers. Strangers visited the wounded soldiers, helped their families, and sent packages to the front. There has never been an expression of mutual help on such a scale. What is the special feeling that awakened in the Israeli nation during this war?

Answer: There is a special concealed force in the Israeli nation, and I have even seen references to it in books and movies by directors who are not Israeli. There is a certain preparation for self-sacrifice in the Jewish people. It can be expressed in their attitude to science, to a particular profession, or to a certain matter. A person feels that he must devote himself totally to a certain idea. Although this phenomenon exists in every nation, it is still expressed more uniquely among the Jews. They express their loyalty, their connection, to the extent of self-sacrifice whenever they have an opportunity to do so.

A person doesn’t look for any reward and doesn’t care whether others know about his actions, talks about him, or remembers him as a hero. The readiness for self-sacrifice that stems from the history of the Jewish people suddenly awakens in a person.

We were connected in the past in the days of the First and Second Temples (which symbolize a whole vessel, one soul). This connection created a very deep, eternal connection that nourishes and fills us to this day. It invokes in us the special feeling between the individual and the nation of Israel, even if he were to do everything in his power to detach himself from the entire nation and escape to a remote place at the ends of the earth so that no one would know that he is a Jew, so that he would forget it and be like everyone else. However, he cannot do that since the connections between us are above this world and are on the level of the upper world. Thus, a person cannot cease to be Jewish, even if he may want to.

This connection is expressed even after several generations when the person, himself, doesn’t know that he is Jewish. I have met many such people. Especially in Spain and Portugal, I often meet people who claim they are not Jewish by birth, but that they feel they belong to the Jewish nation. They are the descendants of the converts who were forced to give up the Jewish religion under the threat of the expulsion from Spain, but the connection to the Jewish people still lives inside them.

It is a natural phenomenon that stems from the system of reality. The connection was gradually created on a very high spiritual level when everyone was connected in the state of one man in one heart, in one soul. The connection imprinted within us a special spiritual gene on a higher level than we are today, on the human level.

Therefore, we cannot break this connection because it is unchangeable, but only can be reconstructed. Thus, we wake up today as a result of different problems and troubles and return to the state of the internal connection.

There is no choice. We are connected, and fate, the Creator, awakens us. We have had enough pressures on the corporeal level—where we live on the animate level—and the feeling of the presence of the human level immediately awakens in us on a different, higher level. This is the level we were during the connection and  to which we can now return.

This internal connection exists among all the Jews and even in all the lost tribes of the time of the First Temple. There are many people in the world who belong to those lost tribes. The bodies are not reincarnated, but the soul remains the same soul. There is the same connection between us that is concealed, most internal, eternal, spiritual, and most sublime.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/12/14

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