Does The World Need A Humane War?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Throughout the history of the Jewish people, they have always won the war against enemies only when it was united. Is the same thing happening now?

Answer: Of course. This is because the laws of nature do not change. The people of Israel should consider themselves as a natural phenomenon. We always won by our unity. It was in the days of Mordechai and Esther, and in the wars of the Maccabees, and in the wars of King David.

However, it was not a simple unity like in a military unit going on a combat mission that ends afterward. It is the unification of the entire nation of Israel as one man with one heart, which nature requires of us. You can call it a requirement of the Creator because nature is synonymous to the Creator. The upper force, about which the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking, is the general force of nature that is above us.

This is an absolutely materialistic approach, without any mysticism, and it’s not faith. Simple prayers will not help, and we are becoming convinced of this: only unity. Today, the people of Israel face the goal not just to unite in order to defeat enemies, but in order to bring good to the entire world.

Enemies are attacking us, putting pressure on us, and wanting to destroy us. In this way, they oblige us to connect with each other.

Question: It’s very confusing because it seems that we need to unite in order to destroy the enemies.

Answer: Today, it is clear, there is no confusion. After all, we cannot destroy them. We cannot even fight them with all our strength. Is it possible nowadays to bombard Gaza? Israel takes time to persuade the inhabitants of Gaza to move away from the house that it prepares to bombard, and if they do leave, then a bomb is dropped on this house.

Question: So, isn’t it a sign that Israel brings Light to the nations of the world? Enemies are launching rockets at us, wanting to kill our civilians—they abducted and killed three children—and we, as enlightened people, knock on their doors and ask them to go out so that we can blow up the house. Is there any other nation who would act in this way?

Answer: However, is this the way Israel brings Light to the nations of the world, showing an example of how we should act? Are the nations of the world expecting from Israel an example of how to fight war in a humane and civilized manner? Is it possible to bring good to the entire world by this?

Enemies say very simply, in the form Israel behaves today, it is better that it doesn’t exist, and in this, the entire world will join them. We no longer have allies. If the UN passes a vote, no one will support us. Everyone will be against.

After all, the main war is not against enemies, but against our own egoism that stands between us and separates us. The first condition is to become the people of Israel, in other words, to be connected within us as one man with one heart. Only then can we be called the people of Israel, and in this case, this nation is supposed to be in the land of Israel if it corrects itself and becomes united. And by this, we will create good conditions worldwide.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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