We Are The Point Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe current situation in Israel, the current war and the entire global circle of anti-Semitism are ultimately designed to ensure that we are united. If it does not encourage us to unite, then we will wait for more serious misfortunes.

It is necessary to invest efforts, again and again. And most importantly is to be worried so much that the heart skips a beat. Because this situation is for us and we cannot escape from it. So let’s show a serious, mature attitude to what is happening. We now have an opportunity not to be missed.

After all, we are the point of connection between the upper Light and all of reality. I personally feel sick since the beginning of the military operations; I just “cringe” inside. It is the time for all of us to feel, to whom and to what the current events are addressed. Indeed, our relationships with the Creator run through the whole picture of this world. And concealment is in front of us so that we are able to remove it and must work to overcome it.

Today, we are the point of connection with the Source and the stumbling block, an obstacle to the Lights that have to be provided to the entire humanity. We have to awaken the nation, and the only means of this is to bring the Light to it.

So, what are we disseminating? Reading materials or the Light? Do we unite in advance before any activities? Do we unite in one whole? Do we come from a feeling in the heart, where there is unity of friends in it, the Creator?

If not, then we give just papers and not the message which is the most important.

Think about it. I wish you much force and good luck. I am hugging you all. You are now making history with the help of the Creator.
From “A Talk about the Importance of Dissemination” 8/3/14

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  1. Thank you Dr. Laitman!
    I feel the shift occurring, yesterday I participated in a global meditation for peace, and humanity is asking for light, connection and unity, a better life and world. I am so grateful for these teachings of Kabbalah, and to be helping to share the light. I wish I could be with you all right now at the One convention but I am connected with you in my heart. Peace, Shalom.

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