Scrutinizing Together

Scrutinizing TogetherQuestion: How should a person work with the negative states of his friends?

Answer: You need to get them out of these states by your example. Suppose that you see that someone is going through a serious descent. You can obligate him to participate in a special workshop or some other events. You can give him a massage because it can be very helpful. A massage stimulates the person; he begins to think differently.

Try to influence the friend physically at first, this is best. After that, organize a workshop. But in no way should you abandon him.

Only within the group can you bring a person out of these negative states.

Question: How should a person react to criticism by his friends in a circle?

Answer: If a person suggests something and the group doesn’t seem to accept it, don’t react sharply to it. Write it down and bring it to a discussion within a workshop. Any suggestion shouldn’t be rejected immediately or remain without examination. Every suggestion has to be taken seriously, without spending much time over it, but rather discussing it realistically.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, lesson 4

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