Towards The Next Level With Minimal Losses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I can understand that egoism is the reason for the crisis, but I don’t see the connection to how we can ascend to some degree as a result. What are the signs that we have to ascend to a new level now and not continue to advance linearly?

Answer:  You can make up whatever you want: different rules and especially social and economic ones. Politicians do whatever they believe to be right, and economists manage everything the way they think things should be, but all this leads to nothing.

We can learn something only if we listen to those who understand the plan of our evolution and its goal, which others cannot see because it isn’t in our ego, not in our nature, not in our thinking, and not in our feelings. The people who feel and attain it have to try to explain it to everyone and the rest of humanity will follow them like small children who follow those who know what is going on. There is no other way. It is like a herd that follows one shepherd who brings the herd to the well or back home. That’s the way it will also be in this case.

Although very few people understand the next phase, all of humanity has to follow them in order to be saved and to reach the right state with minimal losses.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/12/15

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  1. Also thank you for making my thoughts very comforting last night.

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