Two Views Of The State The World Is In

laitman_202_0Question: If humanity experienced periods of cultural, scientific, economic, and social advancement in the past, like the Renaissance period for example, or even the 20th century, is it intentionally sinking to the bottom now? The level of education is dropping: people don’t read books anymore, they watch primitive TV programs, and participate in shallow entertainment programs for the masses.  Many countries have lost the hope of reaching the level of more advanced states, not to speak of the developed countries.

Answer: Personally I look at all this a bit differently. The point is that the law of denial is working here. Before we ascend to the next level there is always a negation, a denial, of the previous level. We have to fully acknowledge the worthlessness of the current stage and stop aspiring for its ideals, goals, and values. Only then do we begin to understand the next level, which in our case is a special level of development, since we have to totally change our attitude to our life.

If in the past we changed one social development to another, like the regime of slavery to the feudal regime, and then feudalism to capitalism, etc., it all advanced in one direction, in one channel. Now we experience a totally different state. We rise to a new qualitative level where all our nature works in a different direction, not according to the straight line we advanced along, but in a totally different direction.

We will use our nature not in order to enjoy increasingly greater achievements but so that these achievements will be totally different. Here a person has to reach a level where he is not interested in life inside life but in life above life. That’s the main thing.

Therefore, the alienation everyone feels towards everyone is coercive, no one controls it: not the banks, not businessmen, and not the government. The actual law of nature controls it and it brings a person to a feeling of absolute indifference regarding his previous values.

Gradually we begin to prefer totally different things that cannot be attained by linear egoism, but on a level above it. In order to do so we have to be connected above our animal needs so that we will provide ourselves with all the basic necessities but only in order to exist with dignity. As for our impulses, our ideals will be much higher and only the minimal care for our physical body will sustain us in this world, while our true internal human essence will not come down to wanting to satisfy our body but to wanting to attain the next level of the development of society and the universe. Then we will discover a new society and a new universe.

In that case, we totally change our attitude towards our life, and so the previous level is dead. And not only is the previous level dead, but all our previous history from the time the first elementary particle was created until today is dead.

This means that our attitude towards history is dead and there is a totally new attitude towards the world, towards life. There is the attainment of its internal structure, the attainment of the internal plan of the creation, the attainment of the force that manages everything! You can call it the Creator, God, it makes no difference, but this is where we are headed.

Therefore, the alienation, the frustration, the inertia, and the fall of humanity to a passive lifestyle is simply necessary. I see it as a great move and a big step forward.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/12/15

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