Following The Teacher Step By Step

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A convention is always a great test for us. How can we make sure that we are in the right direction between the conventions, even when we experience negative feelings?

Answer: I cannot tell you when you experience negative feelings and when you don’t. If you are connected to us, you advance and the geographic distance is meaningless.

I will say it again, you advance only when you are with us in all our collective actions because by missing a couple of lessons, you miss much more and then you will not understand what is said in the next lesson. You will not understand things internally! You will not have the necessary filling and satiation.

My lessons are always inclined upwards, constantly upwards. You may think that it’s a repetition or that it has nothing to do with the previous material, but it’s not so! I always move forward! It may be presented differently, in a different manner or style, but it’s always on an increasingly higher level.

So you mustn’t miss any lessons! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the lessons for a couple of days for different reasons, then you should still watch them later. The problem is that many of our friends don’t take the daily participation in the lessons seriously while I base my study precisely on that. A student is a person who follows me step by step.

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