The Meaning Of The Morning Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since the convention, I have developed a feeling that now we must concentrate on the morning lesson, on unity? Or should we do more dissemination? Something became unclear, it seems that everything we did until now is not enough; we need to add something else.

Answer: Everything we now add must be done at the morning lesson! It is impossible to continue advancing without the morning lesson! There is no movement without it! The morning lesson is everything—alpha and omega—there is nothing else to say.

But besides the morning lesson, everything else that we do must be done in the spirit of integration, which we constantly awaken at the morning lesson.

The main thing is to start the day with the lesson. Even if for some reason you were unable to do it, you still need to start your day with the lesson regardless of the time when you wake up: Dedicate at least half an hour to the lesson, otherwise, the entire day is a descent, a loss, and you will spend a very long time paying for it.
From the Virtual Lesson 2/26/12

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