Justifying The Credit Of Trust

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have received an enormous credit from the upper world, which is the addition of all our desires, and everyone has received an enormous desire and an even greater aspiration for spirituality, which I would have never managed to receive on my own.

In the corporeal world, different societies have different ways of managing people who are not able to pay their debt: Guards, the police, and the militia can come, a person can be imprisoned, and he can even be physically destroyed. How does this happen in spirituality? What will happen to us if we fail to return this enormous debt of trust?

Answer: If a person in our world has so many ways to obligate another person to pay his debt either through the government or one way or another, then do you think the Creator has fewer ways? He has many more ways to do it. There is no problem; He will force you to do it.

This is the essence of the path of suffering: If you fail to achieve the goal in the right, beneficial, convenient, comfortable, and quick manner and to do something new every day; in other words, if you fail to “pay your debt,” then in the end you stop feeling it for two or three days, but then everything accumulates and starts to work.

This is why we must understand this very clearly and fear it, really fear it, because the Prophets have written very horrible things. When obligating forces begin to push us from behind toward the initial, set goal of creation and it does not happen through our voluntary drive forward, this is felt as horrible suffering, because they are given to us on the still, vegetative, and animate levels to help us understand that we need to move to a higher human level.

And the transition from one level to another is very difficult! You see how much the entire world suffers and does not understand that it needs to simply make a small movement upward. It does not understand! And it will continue to starve, die, and destroy one another—billions of poor people will be dying and will not be able to understand this.

This is why we need to try to quickly explain this to ourselves and to all the rest.
From the Virtual Lesson 2/26/12

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