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Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are no readymade forms and no idols in the spiritual world. A person forms spirituality by himself. The good and benevolent upper force that fills all of reality is infinite. It has one attribute and that is being the good and the benevolent, love and bestowal.

But only a person who reveals this force can feel the good and the benevolent, the love and bestowal. So it’s impossible to speak about the Creator without a created being who reveals Him. Everything is clarified only with regard to the created being, only with regard to a person who attains spirituality.

We always develop by two forces: the force of receiving and the force of bestowal. There is nothing but that in reality. There is only the desire of the upper to bestow unto us, which means to bring us all the goodness according to the goal and the definitions of the upper, according to which He has determined the creation, and also the force of the lower, which is a desire to receive. This force is in contrast to the upper force, but it is by the combination of these two opposing forces, for and against, that these two forces stabilize one another in the eyes of the one who receives.

Therefore, our reality is divided into internality, which means to me, myself, and to externality, which means the world that surrounds me, the pulling force and the rejecting force, plus and minus, black and white. Every attribute has an opposite attribute and if we want to develop, we should establish these forms: both the “for” and the “against.” There is no Creator without a created being and there is no created being without the Creator. Only when they are two can they hold on to one another.

So we have to establish our first form of development called Ubar (embryo) and also the womb where it can develop. This means that we have to establish both the form of the created being and of the Creator. These two forces, these two attributes, have to constantly be stabilized by us. We fulfill this mission in the group, just like a person with regard to the group, the individual with regard to the general, or an embryo with regard to the mother’s womb. The group has to stabilize itself as an embryo with regard to humanity, like internality with regard to externality.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14

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