Life Behind The Curtain Of The Tzimtzum

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe work facing the simple Upper Light that fills all of reality, being good and benevolent to everyone without exception, to the evil and to the good. This is to say, it has no form or distinction. In the Upper Light there are no colors.

And we want to stabilize ourselves like this Upper Light, only so our form will be based upon the desire to receive, meaning the opposite of the Light. But it must be similar in every manner of its external behavior.

It follows that both the Kli and its fulfillment and the behavior of the Kli should all be situated within the desire to receive. This is our substance in which we situate everything. Even the Light of NRNHY that we discover symbolized in letters: The letter “Yod” is called Light of Hochma, the letter “Hey” is called Light of Bina because the form of bestowal from the side of the Kli is called Light.

And that is how this is in everything, for the Light of Infinity itself is not felt, it disappears after the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph). We can attain the Light behind this curtain, after the first restriction, only by giving to our desires, to our Kli, created from our metal or material form similar to the Light that is found wherever it is behind the curtain.

Life Behind The Curtain Of The Tzimtzum
The desire of each one of us includes within it five levels: 0,1,2,3,4. And all the forms that we receive in our yearning to resemble the permanent Upper Light we determine through the changes that take place within our desire to receive. The Upper Light itself is permanent and simple, filling all of reality, and there is no change in it. It acts permanently as absolute love, a sea of Light.

All changes are realized only within the Kli through the discovery of our Reshimot, through the communications between us. In each one of us, at every moment, new Reshimot are discovered, sometimes in one and sometimes in another, and all of our links with each change their form. And from this come all of the various forms of the Adam, the one similar to the Creator.

Therefore, the spiritual Kli is letters, its fulfillment is also letters, and our work is the letters of work. Everything is derived from the desire to receive. And the difference is only in how we handle it and use it for the Creator who is good and benevolent, working in “faith above reason.”

If all of the many changes that take place within us are matched to the good and benevolent like the mother who asks her children to be good, then they give us understanding, feeling, and attainment of the Creator, which is born within us and doesn’t descend from some place above. This is a very important point because it directs us towards practical work in that it obliges us to relate correctly to everything that happens within us and in the connection between us. It is worthwhile to pay attention to all of this because specifically here we discover the Creator. And this symbolizes that the Creator is revealed between us.
From the Unity Workshop 2/13/14

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