A Good Boy Follows His Parents’ Example

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “The Matter of Suckling and Conception”: Therefore the first phase of God’s work is the phase of conception, Ibur, which means that a person annuls his self and enters the mother’s womb in a state of conception.

This means that he annuls the self love called Malchut, which is originally called the desire to receive in order to receive, and enters the phase of the vessels of bestowal that is called the phase of Bina.

A person restricts himself by the Light that Reforms and begins to work from a state of an embryo. All the fillings come as a result of our work against our ego. It is the effort of overcoming the troubles, the problems, and the confusions that we go through that is actually the filling of our spiritual vessel.

The Creator is good and benevolent. We have to work in order to become a human being, Adam, which means the one who resembles (Domeh – from the same root in Hebrew) the Creator. But we have to follow the Creator’s example in order to resemble Him, like a mother who tells her children: “You should be nice to one another; why do you keep quarrelling and fighting all the time?” This means that we have to follow mother and father’s example according to the way they treat us.

There is no one else we can take an example from but them. There are no good children to begin with and we can only follow the example of the grownups, of the parents. We have to treat one another in the same loving way they treat us. Then each of us will be called Adam, he who resembles the Creator. It’s very simple, and this is all we have to do.

If the Creator is good and benevolent to the wicked and to the good and treats everyone with absolute love, we should also reach the state in which we treat all the created beings with love. What about the attainment of the Creator, the attainment of the spiritual levels, the attainment of the upper worlds? All this is revealed among us.

We begin to work with the world, with people, starting from those who are close to us to those most distant, since the corrections is from the easiest to the most difficult. Then, the more we expand this circle, which means our vessel, and the more deeply we engage in these relations by overcoming an increasingly greater and crueler ego, we discover an increasingly more sublime work. Thus we advance through the phases of Aviut (thickness) of the root phase, phase one, two, three, and four and discover the Light of NRNHY.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/14

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