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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Light, the attribute of bestowal, gives birth to darkness, to a vessel, a desire, the attribute of receiving. Then, the Light develops it in four levels—phases, states—that come one after the other, until the desire decides to feel that it exists and finally understands what the Light, the Creator, expects from it.

The Light wants to connect with it in order to reach full adhesion, called the world of Infinity, but the desire to enjoy cannot bear this state because it feels its oppositeness from the Light, its total inability to merge with the Light. After the created being develops and comes to know the attributes of the Light, then, through this oppositeness, he comes to know himself and sees that it is absolutely opposite to the Light in its attributes. The Creator wants adhesion and love, and such a relationship with the Creator is called the world of Infinity.

It is like a rich man who invites his poor friend to his home, gives him all his wealth, and asks, “What more do you want?” The poor man replies, “I want to earn all this wealth by myself,” but the rich man cannot give him that.

Then, the Creator helps the created being fulfill his desire, become independent, and repay the Creator with a similar attitude on his part through his own freewill. Therefore, he brings the created being down from the first state, from the world of Infinity, to the lowest state in our world so that he will be in a state where everything depends on him.

Now, the created being has a chance to correct that state and bring it to perfection through returning to the first state by himself, to the world of Infinity, to the adhesion created by the Creator. Thus, the created being becomes perfect and attains full adhesion with the Creator.

The Creator wants to ease the created being’s work and divides the influence of the Light on the vessel into separate phases called “22 letters” so that the created being would be able to perform this work with regard to the Light. The created being begins his work from the bottom, as if in the opposite direction, in bestowal upon the Creator and building the intention of “in order to bestow,” but it is divided into those phases, the 22 letters of the work. The created being builds his ten Sefirot of the Returning Light, his attitude toward the Creator, based on everything that the created being learns from the ten Sefirot of the Direct Light.

The Creator created the created being as “something from nothing,” but the created being must start not even from this state, but from below that level, and then rise from the worlds, the Klipot (shells), that are opposite to the Creator. The Creator works in the range of zero to plus infinity, while the created being must start from minus and advance toward the plus. Each time, he discovers and corrects a greater minus as he adapts his vessel to the Light in the transition from minus infinity to plus infinity.

It turns out that everything that the created being receives from the Creator—strength, desires, vessels (“the letters of the work”), all the levels of the ladder that have already been created in advance and are not part of the created being’s account—all this becomes part of his personal account now. At the moment, all this is considered the action of the created being, not just something that is ready-made by the Creator.

After all, he is the one who attains the wisdom of how to perform all these actions and how to use his material correctly. He discovers by himself that the force of receiving is active in him, not the force of bestowal, and becomes equivalent in form with the Creator in all His actions. In order to do that, the created being must start from the shattering so that he can attain all the “letters of the work” by himself in the opposite attributes.

This is called “speech,” “breath,” the actions that the desire to enjoy performs with the Masach (screen) and the Returning Light. As a result, the Creator seemingly shatters, and the righteous rebuild and correct. Thus, thanks to the force of speech, the created being attains an equivalence of form with the Creator and a “mouth to mouth” connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/7/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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