The Three-Day Test Of Loyalty

Dr. Michael LaitmanBeing in a state of Katnut (smallness) on a certain level is already considered having one foot on this next level. There will come a time when you will grow and be in a state of greatness. That is, you are already called by the name of that great level. There is a big difference between being a cub and a baby, a small human being.

In a state of smallness there is self-annulment and concession—you consciously limit yourself. In our world, a small child doesn’t know what vessels he will have when he grows up. In the meantime, he plays with toys, with a toy car. My little grandchild’s dream is to be a garbage truck driver since he sees this big nice truck that makes so much noise; he doesn’t know what his next level will be yet, or what he will want when he grows up.

In spirituality, when you are in a state of smallness you don’t know the level itself, but you already know your vessels since you have to perform a restriction on them. It’s because a state of smallness is part of the whole level, and you have to restrict your AHP. You don’t know what it means to be great on this level yet since you have not attained it, but you already imagine what it will be like; you understand its vessels, and this gives you the strength to perform a restriction and limit yourself.

You annul yourself before the upper one, which means that you are ready to give up everything you have now and to remain in “faith above reason,” in order to resemble the upper one in the future. You do it for the sake of the future! Here a connection is formed between the two levels: Being in a state of smallness, you dress your GE onto the AHP of the upper one. You want to be like the AHP of the upper one and so you restrict your own AHP, your vessels of reception, and for this you need a great power of overcoming.

A state of smallness is not just a childhood that is free of worries, when you don’t need to “break your head” over anything, but actually a state that demands great courage and overcoming. You have to feel whole in every state: You don’t use your AHP, but these vessels are familiar to you and you know where you are going. Otherwise your work wouldn’t be whole and you would not be able to annul yourself.

You see the upper one and you understand that it’s possible to adhere to Him now, like a child to a grown up, at first even just as a single point from which the adhesion begins. You give up everything you had. The Ibur (conception) begins from the three days of the assimilation of the semen; which symbolize your annulling yourself in all the three lines.

First, in the left line, you remain adhered to the upper one to the extent that your ego is revealed to you although you discover there that you don’t agree with it in any way! After having done that and having adhered to the upper one, things become more difficult: The Light comes and wants to fill you with all the pleasures and to give you the whole world from one end to the other. But you refuse to accept all that and want only to be in adhesion with the upper one! This is the right line.

Then comes the middle line, and so this whole time is called the “three days of the assimilation of the semen.” That is, you have both the attainment of the Creator and His recognition, everything that you want within Him. However, you don’t want to receive anything: neither the attainment nor the understanding. You only want adhesion with the upper one, and you desire not to receive any self-benefit from this adhesion, nothing at all, ever! This is called the third day of the assimilation of the semen, after which the embryo begins to develop.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/13, TES

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