Complete Agreement, Right Up To Self-Sacrifice

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe main thing is to hold onto adhesion to the Creator. From this point, a person begins to see his entire life as a series of exercises that are meant to connect him more strongly to the Creator. All the shells operate as “help against him,” and all the events he goes through are essential since this is the way he can correct, according to the root of his soul, all the flaws of lack of adhesion.

So, a person blesses the evil just as he blesses the good and thus, advances. He understands that everything that happens are true gifts that come from Above, from the Creator who wants to bring a person closer to Him. So, instead of feeling angry or dissatisfied, he feels grateful as he uses everything as a means to adhere to the Creator.

If a person doesn’t take it this way, then he immediately begins to activate additional screens of concealment upon himself that force him to advance in the same direction, but in a much longer and more difficult way. In that case, he will have to be equipped with different sub-systems to help him react correctly to the interruptions that he felt initially and which he couldn’t immediately see as a means of adhesion. Now, he will have to go through several additional phases in order to be able to see that.

It is up to the environment whether he is ready to see that or not: the study, the group, his participation in duties, and the work with the friends. According to the conditions and the means he is given from Above, a person has to resolve the problem, that is, the obstacle that seems to come between him and the Creator, as if Pharaoh appears between them.

If a person prepares himself correctly through the environment, the study, and the support of the group, he can solve this problem correctly. It is because he can find the solution in the same place that he prepares himself together with the environment. However, if he doesn’t prepare this place, the obstacles draw him further away. He cannot hold on under the pressure of all the invitations he receive from Above to strengthen the connection, and so the opposite happens. The force that comes to awaken him is not felt as a clarion to adhere, but as an interruption.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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