A Child Who Grows To The Joy Of His Parent

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 53, “The Matter of Limitation”: This is called the main part of the degree, which is a discernment of Katnut. This discernment must be permanent, and the Gadlut is only an addition. Also, one should yearn for the main part, not for the additions.

The main thing is the state of Katnut (smallness), Hafetz Hesed, “to bestow in order to bestow,” being ready to settle for less. At the same time I don’t need to feel that I restrict myself or that I lack something, but rather the contrary, I should feel that I am totally satisfied.

A state of Katnut should become very dear and honorable for me. Then the question is why should there be a state of Katnut in the first place and not one point? I don’t want to have any volume at all. I want to take as little space as possible. In order to exist and to do good to everyone for the sake of the Creator, I am ready to shrink into a point and not have anything of my own.

The truth is that this is the right approach. It’s from such a state that we start to perceive and to attain spiritual reality, but the moment we begin to think about this and how we can bring contentment to the Creator, we understand that in order to do that we need to receive all the discernments and the desires from Him and to change them from in order to receive to in order to bestow. Thus we become a spiritual embryo that begins to grow in volume in order to yearn and to adhere to the Creator and thus bring Him contentment.

Without this we don’t grow like an embryo in his mother’s womb. Every second, every additional movement, every gram the embryo puts on is only in order to bring the Creator contentment. He has to feel that he is making the Creator happy.

During the time of birth, during the labor pains, and the stage in which the embryo turns with his head down before the birth, he examines every step he makes to see whether it’s in order to bring contentment to the one who gives him birth. After he is born, during the time of Yenika (suckling) he continues to develop like a baby who is in his mother’s arms; in the same way a person is in the arms of the Creator.

He already begins to work with his desires and partly limits himself, but every action he makes for the sake of limitation or for the sake of growing is only in order to bring the Creator contentment; this is how a person grows. Therefore, the point from which he begins to grow when he doesn’t want to have more than a point, remains his center. He stands on it, not wanting more than basic existence, and everything else he is forced to add to this point is only in order to bring the Creator contentment. This is the only thing that motivates him in all his actions: in every limitation and joy.

He is actually happy about this, not for his own sake, but for bringing the Creator contentment. By that he attains adhesion to the Creator like between two loving friends who feel one another.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/13, Shamati #53

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