I Bestow Means That I Exist

Dr. Michael LaitmanI am divided into two parts: GE and AHP. The important part in me is GE, and in it I am in a fixed state.

On the other hand, I operate my AHP only for the needs of another: It is as if I “swallow” his desire and begin to serve him. The Light comes from Above, and I pass on this Light to the other through my AHP, which is the only way I use the AHP.

If, however, the other doesn’t need anything, then my AHP does not exist. It is folded into my GE, and I return to the state of smallness, to the fixed state.

It is because I actually don’t need anything, except for my GE, and I need them only in order to be ready to bestow upon others. In every contact I immediately check what the other wants and when I find unfulfilled desires in him, I allocate and develop in me only the part that will provide what he desires from Above. Only to that extent do I operate my AHP.

I Bestow Means That I Exist
This is called the spiritual world: I don’t exist. I exist only to the extent that I bestow upon others. As long as there are no others, I am nothing, a zero. It is because my GE are not myself, they are only the state of readiness, searching—who needs my bestowal?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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