What Is Darkness For The Ego Is Light For Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group is the AHP of the upper. I have to annul myself, to give up my AHP and to remain only in GE in order to adhere to the AHP of the group. There I feel darkness and despite that, I have to annul myself and to incorporate with the friends.

This is our work. Now too we are in two Partzufim, in the upper and in the lower. I am below the Machsom (barrier), and the upper intentionally lowers his AHP, the group, to me. If I want to connect with it, with the friends, I have to leave only the GE with me. There is no other choice.

What actions are required in order to do that?

First of all, is the annulment of my own AHP (1). Next, I have to intensify my GE as much a possible. I annul them by that (↓), and then I can connect to the upper (→), to see it and to receive it.

The upper seems like darkness, and I am ready to receive it that way. It is good for me, since it is the upper, and I value it. It is depicted as darkness for my ego, but it is good for my “faith above reason.”

The moment I annul myself before the upper, we become one vessel, and then it already gives me the feeling of greatness, of connection, of expansion. It is simply because our GE and AHP together make up ten Sefirot.

Then it isn’t the AHP of the upper any more but my AHP of the upper. It is like a child who says, “This is my Dad! This is my Mom!” by that he understands that they belong to him.

In addition, this upper has his own GE and AHP, which is a totally different AHP from the one he displays to me.

But the upper remains in a state of smallness and begins to raise our ten common Sefirot, the AHP to which I am adhered and my GE, and then I transcend the Machsom.

What Is Darkness For The Ego Is Light For Me
By that we should understand that we have no other AHP and no other upper but the group.
From the 3rd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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