Marked By The Imprint Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe creature is the desire created by the Light. There is the source of the upper Light and filters that stand in the way to the desire and do not allow this enormous Light, which comes from the world of Infinity, to reach us. This Light gradually becomes dimmer, and at the end only a very slight glow reaches us.

The upper system that controls the desire is called the system of the worlds. This is simply an inanimate environment that restricts that Light of different kinds. It’s made in such a way that it already knows how to make itself suit the desire.

And desire is raw material. But the desire gets polished and acquires various forms through a multitude of actions which it performs under the direction and guidance from Above. The actual desire is simply the desire to enjoy, receive fulfillment, that changes and develops under the influence of Light from the source, the world of Infinity, which comes through the system of the worlds. Thus, there are three components: the world of Infinity, the system of its concealments (worlds), and the desire to enjoy that needs to be brought to a state similar to the world of Infinity.

Marked By The Imprint Of Light

The quality of absolute bestowal rules in the world of Infinity. On the other hand, absolute reception rules in this world, and these two qualities are completely opposite. We learn how the desire to enjoy acquires the form of bestowal. The desire to enjoy remains, but it acquires different forms: First of all, it learns the things it can enjoy. All these forms become included within it, and then they form into bestowal from their perceptions of the ways to enjoy.

We can’t do it any other way because initially we don’t even know the forms of enjoyment. We are like a baby who gives his pacifier to an adult wishing to please him. He only understands this pleasure, and he thinks that everyone else will also enjoy it.

In other words, initially an imprint is made in this animal body, a form, where it is possible to enjoy. And then we can turn this action of pleasure in a different direction, meaning in the direction of a fellow human being. And then it will be referred to as “bring enjoyment,” bestow.

This is why the system of the worlds must initially imprint the form of pleasures in this clay, this dough, or carve it in marble. And then it has to create an opportunity to turn these forms of individual pleasure into bestowal and to enjoy the ability to bestow.

The difference is that when a person receives for himself, he is isolated from others and only perceives his own desires and qualities, as if he existed alone. This state is called this world. But when a person comes out of himself and begins to bestow, he has no one to bestow to but the Creator, and he begins to perceive Him. As he plans to bestow to the Creator, he begins to understand what he bestows, who he bestows to, the pleasure he gives the Creator, and then he reaches His degree.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/2011, TES

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