Taking a Step Toward a Big World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What stages should a person go through during the convention?

Answer: First of all, it’s necessary to physically include yourself in the mutual field by trying to do what all the others are doing. We should turn off our thinking, put aside all concerns and desires, and simply dive into the surrounding environment.

I don’t want to think about anything! For the next few days I totally disconnect myself from all my usual concerns. After all, I have the right to do so for once in my life! It’s as if I have no worries: I’m being fed, I have a place to sleep, and that’s all I need in the physical world. Everything else I want to do along with others and feel what they feel.

We can ascend only if we apply a great deal of effort and try time and time again to elevate ourselves. It’s very important to make such physical actions where we totally stop thinking of ourselves and only look at others and do what they are doing, like a small child that imitates adults and thereby grows. This is exactly what we should be doing.

All of my friends are the greatest people of the generation and exist in the world of Infinity. This is what Kabbalists teach us, and this is what I discover upon attaining spirituality. Right now I want to connect with them and not be a smart alec so that I don’t allow any criticism or doubt to enter my mind. We must all do this.

We still have time to prepare. We must all come to the opening ceremony with the feeling that we are one person. There will be more people coming, and we have to sweep them up with this thought and this intention so as to absorb them within instead of them overpowering us.

We need this large amount of people. We can’t conduct a convention in a narrow circle of 500 people. This is not enough. We have to sweep up a large number of people because the only way we’ll earn a spiritual revelation is by taking a step towards the whole world.

The people that are expected to join us are not closely connected to us and aren’t necessarily led here by the point in the heart. These people are interested in the topic and they respect and support us. So we have to be the core within this mass of people, just like the world Kli is the core in relation to all of humanity.

This is why in the days before the convention we must obtain maximum unity between us. And later we’ll simply continue to work on that unity. On the first day of the gathering we will begin to work for the public with the unity that we have prepared. Each time we’ll keep them and ourselves in a greater connection.

We are responsible for this unity and we realize this convention. The word “convention” means a gathering, a connection between all of its participants. From this you should understand what we are here to do and try to direct everything inward toward the mutual desires and thoughts.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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