The Return To “Us”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I can understand and feel what it means to give confidence to my friends. I can understand what it is for the entire group to be confident about the successful outcome of the convention. But it is written in the Shamati article No. 72 “Confidence Is the Clothing for the Light” that I myself must acquire this feeling of safety. Does this refer to the safety of the “I” that exists in all the friends?

Answer: In spirituality there is no reference to “I.” This question does not exist there at all because “I” do not exist separately.

We already know that the Creator created the general desire, the Kli (vessel). This desire has separated into a multitude of pieces during the breaking, and now every one of us, every part of this single desire, only perceives its current life. We don’t have the ability to perceive anything greater.

However, you still desire to perceive a higher degree than the life in this world, in your little piece of the general desire. For this we need to unite and return to the state of a single vessel, as it was before the breaking.

So, there is no notion of “I” in spirituality, in the sense that we imagine it. There is unity in spirituality. When everyone joins it despite his egoism, a 620 times more powerful vessel is formed. Unlike the initial state, every one of us has acquired an egoistic desire, found himself separated from the others, experienced personal hatred towards the common vessel, towards everyone else, and now is working above this egoistic inclination to reject. This is what gives us a much greater power of unity than before.

The spiritual world is perceived in the common, unified vessel, when we glue its broken pieces together again. And we together reveal fulfillment in this corrected vessel. It’s not I who feels the unity, the spiritual world, and the confidence. If this sensation exists, this is no longer “I,” but “we” together. This is the only way to manifest spiritual details of perception, both in regards to the vessels and the Lights.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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