Getting From A Point To A Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If spirituality does not become revealed to my “I,” how can I demand something at the convention? How can I demand for the Creator to change me if in principle, “I” do not exist?

Answer: You work on your own until you unite with your friends: You participate in group life, unity, and dissemination. On the other hand, the spiritual vessel we’ll create will be a common vessel. I can only experience certainty and spiritual sensations when in adhesion with others. I can only discover the fulfillment of the vessel of bestowal together with my neighbor, only united.

It is in this way that I make individual actions to raise myself towards unity. And at the convention I don’t see anyone separately: Instead of seeing faces of my friends I want to see a single desire. Together we create something unified over us, a “spiritual vessel,” where we wish to reveal the upper force.

Question: If I experience something similar at the end of the convention, how can I be sure that I have really attained the goal?

Answer: It will manifest as a fact: Either you know that it’s so or you don’t. This is because we attain the spiritual world in actual sensations.

Spiritual attainment is a billion times higher and stronger than your current perception. Right now it’s limited by a central black point of all the worlds, in which we don’t have any spiritual traits. We don’t know the cause or its consequences; we don’t know where our sensations come from and how our desires change. Why does every moment of my life differ from the previous moments? This is unknown to me. Sensations change, thoughts jump, desires alternate, factors of influence are discovered, and I have no knowledge about this process and the outcomes of my states. I exist in a black point.

Only after I enter the spiritual level, rise above my point, and expand the circle of my perception, only then I begin to perceive the cause of all the things that happen to me. I understand how I am to act, I see and attain, I know that I exist in a state shared by everybody. So how do I strengthen it? How do I strengthen the connection between us? After all, its strength determines the strength of my perception of life, the strength of my certainty, understanding, and attainment.

It is in this way that I begin to ascend higher and higher. When I enter the notion of “we,” when I submerge myself in our common desire and sensation, our common thought, I stop perceiving the material life to the point that the death of my flesh does not seem to me as my own death. Only the body dies because it remains only in one central point of all the worlds, the blackest and darkest one, while I have already risen at least to the following circle.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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