Anyone Who Reads This Letter Is Also Chosen

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Letter 9: Now I know that the Creator has granted me special preference over other people my age, which I have investigated for quite a while, to know why I was chosen according to God’s will, and after all the humiliations that stem from the wicked, which is the shell that dominates my time, and after I realize its true measure, I will be grateful to the Creator who is with me, for having distracted my heart now and always, from hearing the question of the wicked, “What is this work that you do?” Since I find that I am compelled and that I must be like an ox to the labor and a donkey to the load these days. I will not rest all day and all night looking for a way to bring contentment to my Creator, even on the day that I feel that I like the labor and the great load, even seventy years together, not knowing about its success, even all the days of my life, I will be following the way I was ordered to, to follow all His ways and to adhere to Him, having heard it all in advance.

At the same time, I cannot exempt myself by any reflection and contemplation not to do any kind of work for the Creator, because of my lowliness. And I think and yearn all day for the height of the Creator’s work, and the essence of the height is so that I cannot express it in writing now.

No one knows what he is destined to and what the root of his soul is. We all start from a small desire for spirituality, and we must develop it, each according to the extent that the desire in him operates. A person tries to listen to it and to carry out this requirement by fulfilling it through the environment.

A person’s role is to build the environment in which he can develop. For us it’s like a mother’s womb, but we have to build it ourselves. According to our advancement, we gradually build the motherly womb, building the environment, the group, constantly laboring in order to adhere to the teacher, the friends, and the books since these are the means to attain adhesion with the Creator.

If a person hears this and uses this only means correctly, building an environment that will take care of his spiritual development, it gradually enforces him and he is nourished by it. He adheres to the group and by this adhesion joins the power source that flows to him through the environment and raises him by bringing him new intentions each time, helping him to develop and see things from a new perspective. Then he advances.

Everyone begins this way, both great Kabbalists and ordinary people. No one knows exactly what his path will be. A person’s role is only to use the one means he is given, to build himself a group, to choose the right environment, and by that to realize his free will.

If a person makes such efforts only, he saves a lot of energy and has enough opportunities to achieve the goal. If he doesn’t do that, he will eventually find out that life has gone by, and he hasn’t managed to do anything. It all depends on how focused he is on this goal in order to subdue himself before the only means he has.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/12

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