The Only Use Of This World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t even realize how deeply immersed we are in the egoistic nature. Our cells, our bodies, our world, our thoughts and desires, and generally everything that exists is just egoism and nothing more.

Everything aspires only to receive, to absorb as much goodness as possible for one’s individual self. This is the nature into which we are born and in which we live, not having the slightest inkling that there is a possibility for anything to exist besides this.

Nevertheless, we have to go from one world to another, or in other words, to acquire an additional, new world, to grow through from the point in the heart, to develop it into a new spiritual “body.” In essence, it is analogous to our current body, which only appears flat to us, but in reality it is depicted by forces and vectors. But instead of seeing this image on a computer display, we see it on the 3D screen of our consciousness.

We perceive reality on this screen of the receiving desire. Everything we are able to receive or perceive falls upon this screen and stops there, creating the picture that we see.

However, the forces of bestowal are entirely different. We cannot stop them with the screen of the receiving desire and therefore we do not perceive them. Only by creating a screen in the bestowing desire will we reveal the second half of reality. In truth, we won’t feel half, but nearly 100% of everything that exists. Whatever amount of Light this new screen, the intention of bestowal, will stop, that is the kind of picture we will see on it.

It is very difficult to start raising a second “body” from your point in the heart. To do that you have to enter a group, like a mother’s womb, and start growing inside it. This looks very repulsive and unreal to a person. The whole world is against it and therefore he does not think about it or attribute any significance to it.

That is why it is very difficult for us to focus on the group. Whatever the environment deems important, that is what’s important to us as well. If the world considers work in the group to be unimportant, then we also forget about it at every second. Even if we try to extend a thread of connection, to listen about it and to maintain it in our thoughts, it still seems infantile, unrealistic, and naïve to us, and that is because it is not important to the greater world. And vice versa, if the most unrealistic thing becomes important to everyone, then we would think about it, talk about it, and aspire to it.

That is why we need the “social opinion,” the confidence, the mutual influence that convinces us that we are doing something real and that our world is really not worth a thing. What do we have here besides a fleeting life full of suffering? If it weren’t for the unique opportunity to acquire eternal, perfect life during this time, then there would be no use from this world for us or for our children.
From the 5th lesson at the WE! Convention 4/1/11

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