Ruling Over Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that by rising to the spiritual degree we can wield power over the four lower levels of nature: our body, the animate, vegetative, and still nature?

Answer: If we reach a state when we connect together with our points in the hearts, we rule over everything. We attain the Divine force, the universal force of nature, and acquire unlimited power. In short, we rule over nature.

Question: It would be logical to assume that if we are now at the human degree, we can control the three lower levels of nature: animate, vegetative, and still, can’t we?

Answer: No, we can’t rule over them. We do govern them, but recklessly since we are not familiar with the general program of nature, the general law of the universe. Hence, we destroy nature, vandalizing all lower levels: the animate, vegetative, and still.

In truth, it is a very deep question. There are two ways to rule:

  1. By force, as we do today, by destroying nature without any compassion, understanding, or reason, without considering what will happen to us tomorrow or in a near future.
  2. By reason, when, being aware of the entire picture of development, we are able to decide what we should do. To know the system from end to end means to rule over it not by force, but by reason.
    From Lesson 1, WE! Convention 4/1/2011

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