The Right Kind Of Pressure

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should women put pressure on the men the way a mother pressures a child so the men would work on unity?

Answer: You should treat the men like children – with love! But if they don’t unite, then there’s no doubt that you should pressure them. It is written that “We came out of Egypt by virtue of righteous women” where “coming out of Egypt” means transitioning from this world into the spiritual world, and it happens only by virtue of the women.

We study that the ascent of MAN happens from Malchut and all the desires are in Malchut. Therefore, everything starts from women. If not for their desire, there would be no family and no new generation to follow.

The driving force of humanity is the force of the woman, who desires to give birth and to continue life. A man brings the executive force, but only on the condition that there is a need for it. That is how nature is built.

Consequently, the most important thing that we need is the women’s feeling of necessity. When new students came to Rabash, he immediately organized a women’s group that was made up of their wives. These women gathered together once a week, read an article, and discussed it. Rabash cared very much about how they understood what is written and about what is happening with them.

There definitely has to be a strong women’s organization that is able to demand from the men the execution of what they need in spirituality. However, the women shouldn’t do this by screaming, but through the need of the heart. Then the men will feel it. But this is not happening yet.

That is to say, by nature women do not know how and are unable to unite with each other. Every woman is separate. But in order to put pressure on the men, and only for the sake of this, they are able to unite in order to become one enormous need. And this need is essential for us.
From the 2nd lesson at the WE! Convention, 4/1/11

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