A Real Virtual Environment

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to organize an inner environment among us instead of the external, common human environment. Then our environment will offset the external influence and will influence us of its own accord, “brainwashing” us and intensively “advertising” spiritual ascent as the most important thing we have to accomplish in life.

Otherwise I will leave this world without any use. An animal lived and then died. The body has “strolled about” as long as it was allotted and then it decomposed, and in the meantime nothing was accomplished. The point instilled in it from the spiritual world remained a mere point and did not develop.

Everything depends on the importance of the environment. There is nothing more important than organizing a virtual environment that is warm and heart-felt. This is the most important thing. Otherwise my thoughts will disconnect from the right direction at every second and maybe the next time I disconnect, I will never return to it again.

After all, if I am given over to my own power, then I will never return to thoughts about spirituality. I stopped to think about it for the first time because the Creator, the upper force awakened me. The upper Light awakens Reshimot and that is how my spiritual Reshimo awakened, causing me to feel a desire that turns toward the Light. But this only happened once. Maybe the Creator will awaken the person once or twice more, but all the rest depends on us. I have to build an environment as fast as possible which will become a womb for me to raise my soul.

The spiritual environment has to be as numerous as possible, but more importantly, it must be as powerful and close-knit as possible. Baal HaSulam writes about this, and so does Rabash. The main force should be quality, not quantity. Quality determines everything.

The quality of the influence depends on how much we worry about one another, how inspired we become by one another, how much we return to the fundamental principles of the environment and take care to ensure that no one forgets about the goal. The thoughts of the friends are passed over to me and therefore, the more I inspire them, the more they inspire me in response.

I will not be able to awaken to spirituality unless I awaken the group to it. The group will inspire me also if I aspire it. We must always work in this closed circle.

That is why the virtual environment is important for us. We have to create a portal that will enable us to maintain unceasing contact with one another. It’s not accidental that communication means have been developed in the world enabling us to constantly stay in touch, to constantly see what is happening in our virtual environment.

I am dreaming about a virtual environment in which I will be able to constantly communicate and be in touch with you, to feel you by means of speech and music, 24 hours a day, non-stop. Then we will constantly give each other the realization of the importance of the goal, love, connection, and the right direction, and that is how we will hold ourselves in spiritual ascent and consolidation all together until we become a single vessel, one soul.

Let us hope that we will implement this platform and will stay in constant connection with it.
From the 5th lesson at the WE! Convention 4/1/11

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  1. This is so spot on and inspirational~♥~! and i am fortunate enough to just yesterday personally experienced the truth and validity of this article~! i’ve been intermittently banging heads with a solid wall of hatred in my family~the manifestations of it physically on my body have been at times life threatening~heart rate bloodpressure difficulty breathing~creating physical manifestations of pending death of the body~these were quite real yesterday at the appearance of four of these hateful hearts at my home~my impulse was immediate~dive into the kli~which i did~and i flowed straight thru the channels to my closest connects~my girl and my best friend of the Kli~and thru them spread thru their channels to many others of us drawing stregnth from each one~

    i was flooded with peace and love and all the support i needed`i was assured and strengthened and energized~i was calmed~my body manifest these instantly~as i came to peace thru the Kli`the dangers in my immediate environment evaporated~and the hateful ones left my space~

    as i regrouped and strengthed`2 of them returned~peacefully now~and nothing had yet been said to them by me~this is you guys~this is the creator working thru us~flowing his power thru each of us to all of us for eachother~

    this article is no joke~he means it~and i’ll verify with my life its validity~the quality of our very lives depends on one another. by the way~my father was one of these hateful people~when last we spoke 9months ago`his last words to me then were~’jump off a bridge and kill yourself for all i care’~we hadn’t spoken since~nor seen one another but for court~

    but now this change the creator is working thru us~has also changed my father~our first peaceful meeting was yesterday~where we shared for 20 minutes~pictures i had for him of people of his line of our family tree~these people are all of the people who ever loved him~i feel god’s message to him has been delivered thru us~We did good gang~and thankyou so much~i will report to you the wonders cascading out of this shifting transition into a far better world~

    Thank each of you and all for being here with me`i echo all the love god has given me back to you with all that i am~please draw on me as i have from you~my love Kli Olami~♥~!

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