Don’t Lose The Level You Have Attained

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Now that the convention is over I feel that I am starting to go back to my previous state and I don’t want that at all. What should I do so that everything that I do and think about will be for the Creator in order to delight Him?

Answer: The Creator has arranged our lives and nothing is up to us. It’s the same when it comes to politicians, economists, our relatives, and even us. The Creator intentionally arranges and organizes this life in the way we feel it so that from these specific conditions we will attain the revelation of His uniqueness, His wholeness.

So the fact that you already feel that you are drawing away from the convention and returning to your previous life while still here with us is not a good sign. You should do everything in your power to warm yourself so as not to lose the level that you attained and to hold on to it by your teeth.

I understand that it’s difficult and I even know that it’s impossible, but your slightest efforts to do so already help you ascend spiritually and it is net profit. Especially now when you are still here and your daily routine doesn’t pressure you, you should at least resist this in any possible way.

I did similar exercises when I was with Rabash, when Iraq bombed Israel during the Gulf War and missiles fell about 500-700 meters from where we were studying. It was very unpleasant, but a person has to constantly try to hold on to the connection with the Creator both in the good states and in the bad ones.

So try to constantly keep a small area in your mind in which you constantly keep in touch with the Creator no matter which state you are in, even if it’s a state where you feel nothing.

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