Ynet: “What Does The Pension Fund Of Shoshi From Hadera Have To Do With The Bad Investment Of Li Ming From Shanghai?”

This article about the global crisis many countries are undergoing and about the sharp declines we see in stock markets around the world was published in my column on Ynet August 27, 2015.

“What Does The Pension Fund Of Shoshi From Hadera Have To Do With The Bad Investment Of Li Ming From Shanghai?”

“The sharp declines in the stock markets around the world remind us all of how strongly we are all mutually interdependent. Only when we acknowledge the laws of the global human system will we be able to lead a good life.

“Volatility in the stock markets intensified, further sharp declines in global equity markets and subsequent rise, have reached Israel. There is no better example than the financial markets to demonstrate the mutual interdependence between people, states, nations, and markets all over the world, which has become one global village.

“The world is becoming increasingly more connected. This is the reason that the financial collapse and the economic slowdown in China is not a local event but an event with emerging global implications. Seemingly, the Israeli economy should not be affected by the fall of the markets in China, and yet it happened. What is the connection between the pension fund of Shoshi from Hadera and the bad investment of Li Ming from Shanghai?

“This global drama shows us how the system can not be balanced—unless the parts are assembled and well connected. Until then, the system will continue to be sensitive, and every minor explosion will destabilize it all.

“We Are All in the Same Boat

“The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of connection. It studies the connections between people and the connections in nature since the beginning of time. According to this wisdom, we can balance our relations in mutual interdependence only if we acknowledge the laws of the global human system. All the systems of life between us, including the financial markets, are included in these systems.

“We didn’t need such laws in the past, so the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed and very few engaged in it. The need for this wisdom and knowledge has become relevant only when the world became global and our mutual interdependence completed. Today when the connection between us is growing stronger, it obliges us to learn the laws of the new globally connected world. We have no other choice. Learning the laws according to the method of connection will allow us to create the right social order in the whole human society.

“When a person knows how to connect correctly, realizing that we all depend on one another, the result will be a good life for all of us. This is the uniqueness of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which the world needs today more than anything else.

“The solution to the crisis in the stock market, the crisis of the pension fund of Shoshi from Hadera, and other upcoming crises is not in the traditional financial means, but in establishing a good, balanced, corrected connection between us. We have to learn how to establish the right and balanced relationships and thus reach a good and peaceful life.

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