Where Can We Find A Safe Place?

laitman_600_02Question: Why do you think that feudalism, capitalism, and communism are the same level of development?

Answer: Because it is an egoistic development that gradually transformed from one paradigm to another but always aspired for the same goal, for maximum egoistic filling.

If we don’t focus our life on the one pleasure of being filled, on knowledge, on respect, wealth, or power, but rather, begin to connect and to unite like nature in order to build an integral society, this society will be able to find totally new forms of the right and safe existence.

When we correct our nature from a linear to an integral one, from an egoistic to an altruistic one, when each of us feels that he is an integral part of humanity, we will also feel humanity and all of nature differently. Our sensory perception will be totally different, and we will feel that we exist on another level, in another dimension.

Although our efforts seem insufficient for all of humanity, we hope that they will be successful a little before conflicts break out between all parts of humanity, as the crisis can be very deep, including world wars, natural disasters and ecological problems. We live on very small and fragile planet and it can be fatal for us.

This is the reason that we try to explain to people that there is a totally different method of relating to life.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/12/15

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