Illusory Values, Mass Media, And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_547_06Question: The media is very successfully in using a person’s appearance in their advertisements to lure in customers with beauty. Why does such distinction exist between a beautiful and an ugly appearance?

Answer: It is a completely wrong approach, a very big misconception. Unfortunately, we are specially brought up to look at a person’s exterior and not at their inner world.

If we were pursuing a correct upbringing of a person, then by the time of puberty he or she would find a partner not based on their external characteristics, but on a sense of how much a particular person is close to him for proper procreation and the right coexistence.

And since we are constantly chasing illusory and false paradigms, it results in hook-ups and break-ups, without ever finding anything. Everything depends only on the upbringing.

This is yet another proof of how destructive our mass media are!

Question: Why don’t people feel that it is destroying them?

Answer: They feel it, but cannot do anything. They have not yet reached the point of recognition of evil in all the systems that they themselves created under the governance of the power-holders.

The masses are followers, like a docile flock, and they do everything in order to give profit to those who lead them. Though the leaders generally do not have anything either, they are simply chasing such illusory achievements as wealth, power, and fame.

Question: But I still cannot find that point in which all of this can be connected together. Or is it that 90% of humanity don’t even need to understand that we have to come to love and bestowal?

Answer: You are not able find to it yet, you have to be taught this. This is why I am saying that the youth need to be connected with the older generations, i.e., with the learned Kabbalists who understand the meaning of life, who attained it, and are connected to it and can bring the growing generation to the right goal.

Today young people are being driven forward like a herd so they would appease those who are driving them. They need to realize this and not go along with the media that are brainwashing them.

Question: How can we help one another?

Answer: Only by studying Kabbalah, which gives us an understanding of what our nature is, what the means are for achieving the purpose for which we need to live, and so on.

By engaging in Kabbalah we begin to understand the structure of the world, paying no attention to whatever is happening around us. We need to study the system of creation, its operation and functioning, and then we will gradually understand how to move from the present reality to the reality that should be.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/8/14

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