A Kabbalist Can Stop A War

laitman_259_01Question: If a person has become a Kabbalist, has revealed the upper world, and senses the forces that are concealed from everyone else, how does that affect his daily life?

Answer: He, like everyone else, goes to work, takes care of his family, and raises his children. Nothing changes in his life except that from the moment that he becomes a Kabbalist, he can make our world better through his actions.

After all, he brings a positive force into the world against all the negative forces that are coming from everyone else.

All the others are egoists, and he is an altruist. So, he begins to make good changes in the world. He stops bad progressions of events, wars, disasters, and terrorist acts. He engages his forces of bestowal and thus tips the balance of forces to the side of good.

Question: How can a Kabbalist stop a war?

Answer: Everything that is happening in our world is a result of the interaction between the forces of good and evil. Only these two forces are acting in our world, divided into many particular forces, positive and negative: 613 desires, 613 forces, 613 Lights.

However, a Kabbalist is able to balance, as if on a weighing scale, the influence that comes from above and make it good. He can put a weight onto the pan of good, which will shift the arrow on the scale from the negative side and bring it to the center of equilibrium. As it is written, “If the soul so merits, it sentences itself and the entire world to the scale of merit.”

Question: Then, why don’t we set up a squadron of Kabbalists in the military to have them stop terrorist attacks and wars?

Answer: It is true! But for that, we first need to raise many Kabbalists. Unfortunately, for the time being, there are none in the world. We really hope that soon we can bring up many such Kabbalists in our organization who can teach it to everyone, reaching out to more and more people.

However, today, the world is short of Kabbalists, and it is evident by what is happening with the people of Israel, within the borders of Israel and beyond, by the negative attitude of the entire world toward it. All of this is the result of the fact that we cannot tip the world to a scale of merit, not ourselves, not the people of Israel, and all the more so, not the entire world.

Only the people of Israel are capable of doing this. Only we are given the freedom of choice, and if we are not able to shift the scale for the entire world, toward the side of merit, and ourselves, then we will receive the negative reaction that we are seeing today.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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