Transformation Of Senses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is concealed from us? What exactly do we begin to feel during the revelation?

Answer: Nothing else exists except two forces, the Creator/bestowal, and the creature/reception, which bring us into action. Different combinations of these forces form a system, called Malchut; nothing else exists except for it, and we exist in it.

The revelation of this  system, full of Light, gives the feeling of attainment, wisdom, and fulfillment, provides answers to all the questions, and fills all the emptiness.

Besides, the life that one gets to experience in this flow is limitless. You stop being controlled by the body and you stop thinking that you are losing life with every beat of your pulse.

You feel perfection because opposite forces do not just connect, but they also complete one another. This begets joy and pleasure from attainment, which reveals the world from one end to the other to man, the entire nature, and not just the material world.

And then man begins to perceive this world in a different way. Before he used to see suffering, problems, and unhappy relationships between people. And now he sees that people are corrected and treat each other with love.

This transformation happens to man according to his properties: He attains that the world is a copy of this and everything that he sees is a projection of his inner properties. The better corrected they are, the more corrected he sees the world, and now he can justify it.

And then he discovers that this world also pertains to the spiritual, and he understands that all the people are in concealment, while he has attained revelation. It turns out that revelation is when man sees the true picture of this world: Before it seemed to be absolutely real, but now it is perceived as a film projected in the air that depends on the changing of his properties. Man perceives the people around him as inner organs of his soul, and they also change according to his correction. Then he understands that the world is not outside of him, but inside. And everyone begins to see this way.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners” 11/29/10

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