We Perceive The Creator According To Our Own Qualities And Desires

goodA question I received: How are things measured in Kabbalah?

My Answer: In the science of Kabbalah, we learn that there is no such thing as an absolute, true system of measurement. Rather, everything is perceived depending on a person’s senses. This is why everything is measured in relation to the person who attains reality. There is a Kabbalistic verse that says, “There is no Creator without a creation.”

This is why it’s important for us to understand that everything that is said by the authors of The Book of Zohar, by King David in the book of Psalms and other sources about the Creator is referring to the quality and depth of the reader’s attainment.

A person is judged in accordance to his position on the ladder, and he perceives the Creator according to where he is positioned on that ladder. It appears to a person that the Creator changes, but this is only because a person evaluates everything according to his own desires and qualities.

The Creator does not change; He is good that does good and He is at absolute rest. In a person however, many Reshimot are awakened at every moment and according to this, he judges the Creator as great or small, good or evil.

This is why we are only able to understand Kabbalistic texts once we have risen to the level of their authors.

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