The Self-Delusion Of Happiness Is Empty And False

Laitman_2009-05-27_8144_w In the News (translated from KP.RU): Both the movie and the book The Secret explain to us that our thoughts are material and all our wishes come true if we think of them correctly. You just need to imagine in your thoughts whatever you want. You may erase the undesirable and everything will be as you wish.

However, there is one flaw, which is that the cause of unrealized desires is in the Universe or in G-d. Sometimes, the scientists gave advice much like an exorcist, “Think positive and everything will be positive!” Then the authors became confused themselves and while trying to figure it out, they shot four more movies.

Their conclusion: There is no reality. Everyone sees only what he knows and wants to see.

Therefore, before any action, it is important to understand what kind of feelings I wish to experience – and then everything will come true!

My Comment: The authors showed how a correctly structured thought becomes realized in life. They realistically imagined the goal and the desirable feelings and that’s why they reached their goal at the box office. (Both, the movie and the book are long time bestsellers). Even Kozma Prutkov wrote, “If you want to be happy – be happy,” as did Dale Carnegie and others. The movie was a result of talented production, but it is empty and incites self-delusion.

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