Be A Cunning Thief: Steal From Yourself

kabbalah2520leaves2520no2520room2520for2520simple2520fThere is no such thing as a descent in spirituality. You always keep everything you have attained. However, you do receive additional, new egoistic desires, and this makes you feel as if you are in a descent.

Yet, you shouldn’t think that the force of bestowal has abandoned you. Rather, this force has helped you to attain a greater revelation of egoism, and you should be happy that you have received the opportunity to see yourself as more deformed, to reveal more desires you can correct, and thus to ascend higher than ever before.

You should see yourself as a trail breaker who makes his way deep inside the egoistic desire, taking little pieces from there that can be attached to bestowal. You should use all your natural qualities, such as a thief and a liar, to steal from and lie to your own egoism.

After all, our egoism is but an animal, and it cannot find out about a man’s intentions. It only understands straightforward, direct gain. We are living inside this egoism and we do everything for its sake. Meanwhile, we don’t realize that we are dealing with our inner animal, which always demands us to serve it.

On the upside, it does not understand the human mind and guile, and this is why the right relation to it enables us to make it do anything we – humans – need.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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  1. Fantastic this article….is really simple and make you think a lot about the doubts that makes one feels like we are not evolving in the path ….

    Thanks Rav Laitman

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