We Move Closer and Farther Away From Kabbalah Like Charges In A Magnetic Field

chargesA question I received: What is the difference between faith above reason, which is necessary for studying Kabbalah, and the religious faith?

My Answer: If a person has a point in the heart, it lets him feel who can be his teacher. He can tell who really has spiritual attainment and the understanding of life’s inner meaning. He senses who really knows the meaning of life, as well as the purpose for which this world is developing, the goal it has to reach; and who simply memorized a lot of quotes. A person begins to differentiate who is in the spiritual world and who isn’t. He feels this with his point in the heart, which looks for a place where it can receive fulfillment.

A person may also get confused for a time and end up in the wrong place. However, he will quickly realize this and run away. It is also possible that a person will begin to study Kabbalah, but after a while he’ll begin to shy away from it. This is similar to a charge in a magnetic field that occupies a position of equilibrium between different forces. That is how people draw closer to Kabbalah or further away.

Everything is determined by the state of balance between the forces of the point in the heart and the place of study, as though by the center of a force field of bestowal. And in fact, everything is determined by a person’s free choice: a person decides everything himself.

This is why I never try to convince anyone of anything. I don’t persuade anyone or try to prove that I am right. Rather, to the extent that one’s point in the heart is revealed, to the extent that a person aspires toward bestowal (even if this aspiration is hidden from him), that is the extent of the person’s readiness to draw closer and put in effort. A person has to make his own decision about whose advice he should listen to: Kabbalists or the people on the street.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on Rabash’s article, “A person is like a tree in the field”)

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