The Infinite World of Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to “see the spiritual world?”

Answer: We cannot see the spiritual world with our regular eyes. The spiritual world is perceived in inner sensations.

And even though in these senses we perceive it as something limitless and infinite, this is not determined by the geometrical measures of our world, but by our properties, our new senses, the inner vision.

And once we acquire these properties, everything becomes simpler and easier. We begin to see the forces that stand behind every action, every object.

Everything is very precise, clear, and specific. We understand that we are all controlled from above and that man only has one free action: to wish to see the spiritual world in order to identify himself with these actions.

He himself does not perform any actions; he only identifies himself with them. But he feels free by doing this because he rises above his egoistic nature, and instead of involuntarily carrying out all the laws as before, he begins to do it at his own will, he feels and sees them. And this is an entirely different case, this gives man a sensation of freedom.

Gradually, he begins to equate himself to the upper force to such extent that he no longer only justifies it, but he demands for it to perform all the actions that essentially are part of its program, even before it was planning on performing them. He is like a child who runs in front of the grown up demanding for him to do something.

And then the complete union of the Creator and the creation takes place.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners” 12/01/10

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  1. If seeing the spiritual world is not seen with ordinary eyes, HOW is it seen? You do say by ÏNNER VISION!” by an inner sensation! Is this a feeling, for example as of dread, panic, horror, before the UNKNOWABLE and the Unknown? I do experience these sensations of “dread” as I stand on the very edge of the “Unknownable!? and I step back. still wondering . . .

    What to do about this?

    Thank you


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