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laitman_426In the News (svpressa.ru): “The world around us is changing inevitably, and the changes are global. What is it that is replacing the existing world order?

“The state of the world economy suggests that capitalism has become global, not remaining in export markets, and it is precisely the economic expansion of capitalism that is the main force that leads to development, but it is not ready to let go of its dominance, standing at its disposal is the state apparatus, the army, the police, money, the communications media, everything that is required for maintaining dominance and profit.

“But all of these mechanisms cannot solve the problems, rather they only delay the inevitable: instead of capitalism, socialism must come, not as in the example of the Soviet Union, rather true socialism, in which the means of production belong to society, whereas in the Soviet Union they belonged to the nation. And the nation itself will be cancelled because of the absence of a need for it, whereas in the Soviet Union the nation was strengthened and society became its appendage.

“Socialism is a social construct, direct democracy, with the responsibility of every member of the society for everyone. For this the people must be educated for cooperation and mutual help. The essence of the economy is the distribution of resources. The essence of capitalism is its accumulation and not its distribution. It is estimated that to build a large object, the decision of one person who has enough resources is necessary.

“But people earn money not to serve society (to build, to manufacture products), but to profit, to allocate resources from social turnover for the needs of the elite. Lately we see particularly clearly, the depletion of the population and the enrichment of the elites. The manufacturers are doing everything to stimulate demand, which is to say, to obligate the person to buy everything new. The entire fashion industry exists only to obligate a person to get rid of ‘old’ things and to buy new ones.

“With three-dimensional printers it is possible to print just about anything useful (kitchenware, furniture, clothing and so forth). Nanotechnology makes it possible to create synthetic materials for them with predetermined properties. And their widespread distribution will make mass production unnecessary.”

My Comment: Technically everything is okay, except for one thing; development like this is contrary to human nature. Its nature can be changed from egoistic to altruistic only through the method of Integral Education —the wisdom of connection, which is based upon the wisdom of Kabbalah. And then people will be able to understand how to solve the next level of human development technically and technologically.

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