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Question: If the Creator created everything, in what way is our work summed up?

Answer: Right, if everything comes from the Creator and He does everything, if He arranged this small theater, does it mean that we don’t exist as independent people but only seems that way to us?

I feel that I exist according to the degree of my detachment from the Creator and His concealment; or the opposite, to the degree of His concealment, I disappear. I become “transparent.” I feel how everything passes through me, and I myself don’t exist at all.

In this manner, I exist only because the Creator is concealed. So, how can He be revealed? The creation would simply disappear. There would not be anything that really exists besides Him, and, in spite of it all, according to the plan of creation, I can acquire independence and discover the Creator on condition that, before this revelation, I act like Him. In other words, I acquire particular characteristics of the Creator thanks to which He can be revealed without erasing me from the picture of the world, and then I and He become one.

I Am Independent; We Are United

Now, I must say thank you very much for the concealment, for only by means of that can I acquire the characteristics, thoughts, desires, and actions of the Creator. Within the concealment, I want them to be revealed in me, to be born in me.

To this degree, the Creator can be revealed. This will happen according to the law of equivalence of form. In this case, I don’t erase Him from the picture. Rather, He is revealed this way, and I am not erased. I exist independently, and at the same time, He and I are mutually connected, similar, adhered. It may even be with a singular characteristic, but we adhere together.

This action is to be implemented with each one of our desires so that resembling the Creator is entirely a great, internal selection by the person in mind and heart, in thought and desire. This is what is still to come for us.

Behind the Friend, the Creator

We achieve this with the help of Kabbalah when we implement the study, the theoretical basis, within a group, in a group of ten. We gather and try to be together. We complete each other. We agree with each other. Another way of saying this is that I need to build a mutual relationship with a friend that is identical to that with the Creator.

Through this exercise, we develop the right approach within us, and our efforts in work with the friends attract the Light that reforms.

I try to behave with the friends as I do with the Creator, as if He is standing behind each one of them, as if it only seems to me that it is a friend, but in fact, “There is none else besides Him,” and through the friends, I demonstrate and show different forms of behavior all of the time. However, I remove these coverings and say that everything is for the best. I must overcome them, rise above them. I need to relate to the Creator as loving and beloved.

If I make this effort and try, then I awaken the Light that Reforms, and it corrects me, corrects my characteristics so that they truly will be like His, and within them, I will be like the Creator.

Theory Lacks Power

We need to think about this and try to implement it after that. The main thing is specifically the realization and implementation. Believe me; it is possible to read and talk about it for years without understanding anything because of the lack of implementation.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical wisdom, and so it is written, “… we shall do and we shall hear” (Exodus 24:7). We will do this actively, and then we will understand. In other words, we will acquire the characteristic of Bina (Intelligence) and feel what it is talking about.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/15, Shamati #241

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