The Key To Every Problem

laitman_562_02Midrash Raba, “Behaalotcha“: Besides it (the MAN) also helped the judges solve complicated legal issues like to whom a slave belongs, for example. The judge would simply look on whose doorstep the slave’s MAN fell the following morning. The owner of the slave would be the person on whose doorstep the MAN fell.

The MAN solves every problem between people. By raising MAN we raise our prayer for the Upper Light to come and fill us and provide us with the understanding, recognition, wisdom, and ability to make the right decisions in the connection between us, health, and security. We ask that it should make us perfect, eternal, etc., which means without any flaws: physical, moral, or any other kind.

The Upper Light called MAD descends upon us in response to the MAN. It is described in the Torah as our movement, since when we move backwards to our initial state the MAD falls upon us as the white Light that corrects everything and brings us to the one whole state. This is the reason that MAN solves any issues and conflicts between people. All the problems disappear, but life doesn’t become tasteless, monotonous, or pointless as a result. On the contrary, we begin to see a great world before us, which we need to explore and in which we have to find flaws all the time and ask to see them as perfect. When we feel that we gradually become perfect we will also see that the world is more perfect.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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