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laitman_530Question: Suppose that a task is imposed upon a group of three people. Each one has his own calculations, knowledge, task, and experience. They can carry out the work however it will go, but they can also create group intelligence. All the time, by increasing the emotional connections, they increase their ability to think. Is there any limit to this process?

Answer: Yes. And here it is very important to check what the obstacles are above which people connect. If it is difficult for them to get closer to each other because of unpleasant behavior among the members of the group, internal conflicts, and rejections, but in spite of it all they succeed in connecting above this, then the difference between the level in which the ego is in control and the height that they rise above it to reach unity gives them an intense emotional connection.

Question: And so in order to get a brilliant solution, I must gather the most egoistic workers into a single collective. What must they do in order to unite?

Answer: Yearn for a single mutual feeling. This means that each one thinks positively about the others, submits and contracts himself, rises above his personal feelings, and begins to love the other as if this other is the closest person to him.

He sees the most wonderful and ideal person in the other and wants to do good for him in any way possible. At the same time, he doesn’t obliterate the feeling of hatred; rather, he consciously builds a connection of love above it.

For this we conduct a series of special meetings in which we clarify how each one must rise above himself, contract his ego without obliterating it, but only contracting its activity. It is how we need to nullify ourselves in order to be included with others and to feel them as they are and not as it seems to me that they are. I want to be included with another person as if I don’t feel anything in regard to him, not love and not hatred. What does he want? What does he love, what does he hate, what is he attracted to? What are his tendencies, preferences, and plans? I want to appreciate him; this is the main thing.

Question: Learning about a colleague or two at work is not difficult. And if we are ten, does this mean that I must appreciate each one of them?

Answer: That’s right! Each one nullifies himself to feel the others. And in the next exercise I don’t need to nullify myself, rather I feel myself greater than all of you, ready to fulfill all of you.

From here it follows that to check what the other is missing, I must reduce myself and be included with him without my ego. I must be like an undetectable sensor, creating no interference. And in order to fulfill him, I must use all of my ability. This means that in my ability to fulfill, I am already greater than all. I am not the smallest in a group, rather the greatest. And then I have a positive influence on them.

Question: How is it that thanks to the atmosphere of good attitudes between us we attain the best solutions?

Answer: The idea is not in the atmosphere. The ability to build a new integral feeling and new integral intelligence above the nature that separates each of us, this is what is important! Create something similar to the collective nature that makes it possible for me to find a solution on a higher level than the level where each of us is found, even if he is Einstein.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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