A New Form Of Daily Life For Humanity

laitman_547_01Opinion: (Zygmunt Bauman talking with Vincenzo de la Salle. The full text was published in the book: Twenty Ways to Fix the World: Interviews with the World’s Foremost Thinkers): “Unlike our ancestors, we have no perception regarding the destination towards which we are going. This should be a model of a global society, global economy, global politics and a global legal system.

“Instead of this, we have responded to the difficulties that have recently sprung up by conducting experiments and walking around in the dark. The skeleton, upon which all of history relied and was seemingly stable, has been torn to pieces and no institution is prepared to gather them together. We are found in an unsystematic global economic vise that is supported by unsystematic global politics.

“The present forms of lack of control are derived from a lack of ability to hold onto our way of life, bringing the impoverishment of natural resources and the erosion of the conditions for existence. The situation portends the beginning of wars over the redistribution of the lacking resources.

“It is possible to prevent disaster only if a new formula for mutual human existence is found and applied, which is not based upon economic growth. The present formula is protected by the dominant superpowers. If nothing will be done, masses of people will be annihilated, and not due to ideology as it was with their ancestors. The reason for this will be the necessary resources for survival.

“Global politics is the new covenant of the government, which is not in itself a goal, but a means for achieving goals. The thought, development and implementation of global political arrangements is a task which should be carried out so that all the ills of humanity will be healed. This is the necessary condition for their healing.

“The task is an extreme change in lifestyle on a personal and social level. The changes will lead to a rejection of the formula for solving the problems of the consumer and a search for happiness. ‘Changes in the present mutual lifestyle, which are presently reminiscent of a social factory of competition and rivalry, will become a factory for solidarity and mutual trust.’

“The restoration of responsibility of the individual and the community – this must be the fundamental principle of human connection, the main measure of humanity. This is imperative if we are interested in the changes bringing a cure for the social ills which are the foundation of our present and future problems.”

My Comment: Researchers are already aware that there is a need for fundamental changes in society. But this requires general agreement to implement changes that are based upon the correction of human nature. Humanity has had no experience like that.

All the above is reflected in the Torah, and the program for action is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Can we recognize the necessity of realizing this program before a world war breaks out, or after it?

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